Russian Geographical Names: a history of discoveries

The history of the Russian fleet is marked by outstanding voyages to different parts of the world, around-the-world voyages of sailors, as well as long voyages and scientific expeditions of Russian explorers. It is no coincidence that the toponymy of numerous geographical objects in all parts of the world includes the names of Russian explorers and discoverers of the sea and the oceans.
The idea of the project is to preserve the authentic world history of discoveries, in which Russia plays an important role.

The foreign audience will also be able to get acquainted with the materials translated into English through Internet resources.

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Изображение обеих половин земного шара

The toponymy of numerous geographical names in all parts of the world includes the names of Russian conquerors of the sea and ocean expanses, brave discoverers. The Russian geographical names has a special place: they do not reflect the capture of island territories on the multilingual map, nor are they traces of colonization, but they are evidence of a truly scientific study of the world, resulting in accurate maps reflecting real objects. These are, for example, the Maclay Coast in Oceania, the Laptev Sea and the Bering Strait in Eurasia, the Lazarev and Bellingshausen Seas in Antarctica, and many others.

In Russia, there has always been great interest in Russian toponyms in Oceania - they appeared on maps and were also mentioned in geography textbooks, some of them are still mapped.

Dear friends, we hope that our work, with your support, will contribute to the preservation of the history of Russian achievements and show the importance of research activities of Russian scientists and navigators.

The project addresses the critical issue of introducing Russian toponyms, not yet mapped, into the educational process, which will contribute to the preservation of the history of national achievements, showing young people the importance of research activities and preserving the authenticity of historical facts. Knowledge of the history and contribution of Russia to the exploration of the planet, presented in the project, forms students' respect for the past, awakening a desire to continue traditions, to contribute to science, history and culture of Russia, maintaining continuity and connection of generations, which is very important for the identity of the nation and patriotic education.


The materials are prepared for using in the educational process, relevant to History and Geography classes at school, as well as for independent work and project activities of students.

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At the end of 2021, the publication "Russian Civilization Heritage: Russian
Toponyms in the South Pacific" presented for the first time in Russian science a complete
list of 129 Russian geographical names in Oceania. This
research was conducted by N. N. Miklouho-Maclay Jr. (Institute of Oriental Studies RAS) and
E. V. Govor (Australian National University). The materials of the publication
became the basis of the project.